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Impressive impact

Whatever the purpose of your event, one thing is certain: you want to make a lasting, impactful impression. Hit the right note on every level, for everyone. You do not achieve that by staying on the beaten track. You want to amaze, bring joy, create indelible memories. However you want to come across, whatever your aim is; Fijnevent ensures that it resonates without ambiguity. The way that it looks, feels and tastes… there’s just no standard formula to achieve that.

We start every project by listening, empathising and gathering information. Fijnevent takes stock of the essence of your question and on that basis we devise original, effective concepts. "How do you tell a compelling story? Is your message credible and recognisable to your target group?”

Together, we arrive at clear aims and objectives. Time and again we go back to the drawing board to convert those aims and objectives into creative ideas and translate them into a flawless and successful execution. Making this transition is our challenge. It's in our DNA.

The result: A custom-made creation that leaves you with an unforgettable impression. With intuitive flair and a sharp eye for detail, during the entire process, from idea to execution. You know: everything is just right, everything has been thought through and this event will be talked about for a long time to come. That is Fijnevent and that is what we call Impressive Impact.

Het resultaat: Een maatwerk creatie die een onvergetelijke indruk bij je achterlaat. Met
fingerspitzengefühl en een scherp oog voor detail, in het hele traject, van idee tot uitvoering. Dat je
weet: alles klopt, aan alles is gedacht, hier wordt nog lang over nagepraat. Dàt is Fijnevent en dàt
noemen we Impressive Impact.

It's all about

Impressive Clients

  • Ahoy
  • Boskalis
  • BDO
  • Canon
  • Coop
  • Dekra
  • Deltares
  • Dutch Flower Group
  • EY
  • Frieslandcampina
  • Gassan Diamonds
  • Hendrik verder group
  • Jumbo
  • Mojo Concerts
  • Move Beyond
  • Perfetti van Melle
  • Provincie Noord-Brabant
  • Riwal
  • Sanoma
  • Smurfit
  • Smurfit Kappa
  • Start Foundation
  • Tuned Hospitality
  • VBMS
  • Volkerwessels
  • Unilever
  • USG People
  • Ziggo Dome

The men behind Fijnevent:

Hans van Avendonk
Marco Dilven
Jos van den Broek
Two great guys, Hans van Avendonk and Jos van den Broek. Enthusiastic entrepreneurs with a quarter of a century of experience. Both have the profession in their genes. Hans is an inexhaustible source of creativity while Jos is the enthusiastic “relationship man” and a marketer through and through. Each has his own way. Complementing each other with their specialisms, connected through passion and engagement!

The pair are assisted in the office by a permanent team, the hard core. On location they work in collaboration with top specialists who are experts in their field, setting up a tailor-made team for every assignment.

Together they provide an Impressive Impact, that's their power.


MVO | Sefapane Soccer Foundation

Passion! Sefapane Soccer Foundation has a special place in Fijnevent’s heart. A football league for kids in the townships of South Africa. In collaboration with Sefapane Lodges & Safaris, Fijnevent contributes to the fun and future prospects of the children - heartwarming.

The league has now been taken over by the local foundation in collaboration with the SAFA - a dream come true. Many companies have adopted a football club. Together they have created better conditions for playing football, producing more fun, a better quality of life and a goal for the kids. Fijnevent’s goal: a better future and an indelible smile.

The ball rolls on steadily through 2016: 1,600 young football players, target 2018: 2,000 kids. Every summer we hold a celebratory tournament, in honour of Nelson Mandela, which is very special. Even better is that, besides the active teams, new teams are also provided with real football kits.
Act, think and help! Your company can also get involved with the Sefapane Soccer Foundation, see

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