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At Fijnevent we are the transformers of your vision and strategy, and the practical architect of your plans. Subsequently we are the executor and supervisor of your event. Added up, this leads to Impressive Impact, with you and your audience. 

The result: A custom-made creation that leaves you with an unforgettable impression. With intuitive flair and a sharp eye for detail, during the entire process, from idea to execution. You know: everything is just right, everything has been thought through and this event will be talked about for a long time to come. That is Fijnevent and that is what we call Impressive Impact.

The men behind Fijnevent:

Hans van Avendonk
Marco Dilven
Jos van den Broek
Three great lads, Hans van Avendonk, Marco Dilven and Jos van den Broek. Enthusiastic entrepreneurs with a quarter of a century of experience, and all three have this profession running in their blood. Complementing one another in terms of specialism, connected by their passion and commitment!

In the office they are supported by a steady team that forms the beating heart; while on location they cooperate with top specialists in their respective fields of expertise. A custom team for every job. 

Together, their top strength is making an Impressive Impact.
“Totally committed to customer relations, always goes the extra mile for his clients, takes you on a passionate journey towards the main event”.
“When others have reached the end, I’ve only just begun. Inexhaustible creativity. And when it comes to the crunch, creativity is transformed into reality”.
“Converting creative plans into actual experiences with an eye for detail. You can never manage this on your own; the relationship with the client and supplier is a top priority”.
“The brains at the office with an overview of what’s going on behind the scenes and who is responsible for coordinating it all. Certainly not one to shy away from a nice job on the shop floor either”.
“The rock-solid, steady source of support for Hans and Marco; finds a way to complete every single task with a healthy dose of experience and the greatest possible care”.
“A creative all-rounder. Works together to come up with innovative concepts, and is the driving force when it comes to entertainment and the many specials”.
“Knows better than anyone else what the customer is really asking, dares to ask the right questions. This helps us to stay fresh when it comes to existing customers. And we’ll be looking out for new ones too”.
“Sales requires proper preparation and guidance, so Jos and Ronald are able to step up their game. Punctual and customer-friendly down to the finest details.”
It's all about

Impressive Clients

  • Ahoy
  • Boskalis
  • BDO
  • Canon
  • Coop
  • Dekra
  • Deltares
  • Dutch Flower Group
  • EY
  • Frieslandcampina
  • Gassan Diamonds
  • Hendrik verder group
  • Jumbo
  • Mojo Concerts
  • Move Beyond
  • Perfetti van Melle
  • Provincie Noord-Brabant
  • Riwal
  • Sanoma
  • Smurfit
  • Smurfit Kappa
  • Start Foundation
  • Tuned Hospitality
  • VBMS
  • Volkerwessels
  • Unilever
  • USG People
  • Ziggo Dome

MVO | Sefapane Soccer Foundation

Passion! Sefapane Soccer Foundation has a special place in Fijnevent’s heart. A football league for kids in the townships of South Africa. In collaboration with Sefapane Lodges & Safaris, Fijnevent contributes to the fun and future prospects of the children - heartwarming.

The league has now been taken over by the local foundation in collaboration with the SAFA - a dream come true. Many companies have adopted a football club. Together they have created better conditions for playing football, producing more fun, a better quality of life and a goal for the kids. Fijnevent’s goal: a better future and an indelible smile.

The ball rolls on steadily through 2016: 1,600 young football players, target 2018: 2,000 kids. Every summer we hold a celebratory tournament, in honour of Nelson Mandela, which is very special. Even better is that, besides the active teams, new teams are also provided with real football kits.
Act, think and help! Your company can also get involved with the Sefapane Soccer Foundation, see


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